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How do Cardiff’s schools affect property values?

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How do Cardiff’s schools affect property values?

When looking to buy a family home, it’s extremely important to consider what things affect the area you’re searching. One of the factors that draws young families in is the surrounding schools – along with journey time, catchment area, and if there are any private or grammar schools available.

For some, this can be a make or break decision. After all, a school close to a property means that a homeowner will be able to save a lot of money and time on petrol and transport. Being able to walk to school is a valuable resource for parents, and can even be a way to offer a child some independence.

Do schools affect property prices?

Cardiff is not unique from the rest of the UK in the fact that there is dramatic price inflation around certain types of schools. Typically, this is based on schools that perform in the top percentile and around areas that have private and grammar schools.

According to the UK government website, house prices near the 10% best-performing primary schools are 8.0% higher than in the surrounding area. This shows a clear link between higher performing schools and house price increases. With that said, schools are not the only reason for an inflation in price. Sometimes an area may just be more affluent or highly-sought after to warrant a price increase.

Areas with lower-rated schools may experience reduced property values and demand. Families may be less inclined to buy homes in these areas, leading to stagnation or even decline in property values.

What causes the prices to increase around schools?

Demand, mostly. School rankings can have a significant impact on property values in Cardiff, just as they do in many other cities and regions. However, there may also be a feedback loop occurring, in which children in more affluent areas may have a more secure home life meaning they are more motivated and perform better at school, leading to better school results. This could lead the school to be awarded more funding, giving the children more opportunities, and then the cycle continues.

These high-ranking schools often have positive effects on the overall quality of life in their neighbourhoods. They may attract businesses that cater to families, further enhancing the desirability of the area.

Sometimes a school’s aesthetics – whether or not it fits in with the quaint surrounding landscape, or if it’s a bit of an eyesore – can increase property values.

Which schools have the best ratings in Cardiff?

The top-rated high schools in Cardiff include: St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School; Radyr Comprehensive School; Fitzalan High School; Cardiff High School; and Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales School. The performance of these schools is well above the national average, making them attractive options for parents living nearby, and properties located within the catchment areas of these schools tend to be in high demand.

For example, Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales School, which is ranked as the best high school in Cardiff, draws students not only from the city but also from nearby regions like Barry, Llantwit Major, Bridgend, Llantrisant, and Pontypridd.

Cardiff High School, with its ‘excellent’ rating by Estyn and diverse student population, also contributes to the fluctuation in property values. The high demand for places at the school has prompted discussions about the catchment area, which can lead to a localised property value increase within the school’s vicinity.

Looking for property near a school in Cardiff?

School rankings play a crucial role in shaping the socio-economic landscape of Cardiff, with implications for both property buyers and sellers. Based on this, it’s worthwhile considering whether you want to risk the value of any property you might want to buy based on the local school offerings.

If you would like to discuss your own property search in an area with highly-rated schools, speak to our James Douglas team via email, phone, or in-person for tailored, expert advice.