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Fully Managed

During the Tenancy

For our property management service, we carry out all of what the tenant find service offers as well as preparing the inventory (typically around 80 pages). We also see that the property is ready to move into and up to the legally required standards.  We will ensure the tenants are fully aware of all the facilities in the property and we will collect and transfer rents.  If the tenants are late with their rent, we will chase the payment and if necessary serve the relevant notices (Section 21 and Section 8) to begin eviction proceedings. If they continue to not pay the rent or are causing anti-social behaviour,  we will attend court with you in the unlikely event the tenants need to be evicted.

We also deal with any queries with the tenants during the tenancy and carry out quarterly property inspections. Ensuring the property is not failing on any of the HHSRS standards and that the tenants are keeping the property in good condition.  If they are not keeping it good condition, we will take relevant action including more regular visits and notices of breach of tenancy.

In addition, we will take all calls for maintenance and liaise with your appointed contractors or our contractors, whatever you prefer.  We will handle quality of finishing off work and payment to the contractor on completion from the rent.

We provide a 24-hour emergency line if the tenant requires urgent attention for whatever reason, including if a tenant is locked out at 3 o’clock in the morning.

End of Tenancy

Towards the end of the tenancy, we will carry out a pre-checkout inspection and advise the tenant what they need to do to return your property to the condition of the original inventory, minus fair wear and tear as designated in the ARLA guidance.

At the end of the tenancy, we will carry out a final check-out inspection, prepare the report, compare to the original inventory, work out costs of repair, compare to appropriate wear and tear and then take account of dilapidation on the items in question.

We will then submit this to the deposit scheme to claim that cost and reclaim from the deposit and release the rest to the tenant.

If the amount is disputed we will make the case to the alternative dispute resolution service (ADR) or court, depending on what the tenant has opted for.

If the amount required is greater than the deposit, we will prepare a case for court if necessary.  Court fees are in addition to our management. We will then prepare the property ready for re-let and the cycle begins again.

What sets us aside from other estate agents is we are ethically motivated and have dedicated, dynamic and experienced staff. We operate to a strict code of ethics and have service level agreements in place.

Our Managing Director, Douglas Haig is Vice Chairman of the Residential Landlords Association and campaigns for landlords’ interests at forums through Wales.


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